How to Determine Authenticity of Wheels by Looking At Various Wheel Parts?

Due to their great functionality and advantages, alloy wheels have gained a market for themselves. You have probably come across them recently and right now, you simply want your car to be equipped with those. Sadly, there are many cases when you buy what you think are alloy wheels only to later find out that they were a hoax.

Therefore, how is it possible to tell alloy wheels from other wheels in the market? How can you differentiate between the metal alloy wheels from the fake wheels? There are some key areas on the wheels that will help you know your wheel better and determine whether they are alloy or not.

Checking Out the Manufacturers:

Firstly, you need to check out the top and most recognized manufacturers in the market. You can do this with the help of your personal mechanic or online checking. You need to check out the wheels and list them according to your preference. By doing this, you get their names, features and how they print their logo on alloy.

When you are purchasing your wheels from various distribution shops, these will definitely count the most. There are 3 areas that you can check for proof during the purchase of your alloy wheels. By doing that, you can easily figure out whether you are buying genuine aluminum alloy or something else entirely. KMC wheels are reputed for manufacturing high-quality aluminum alloy wheels.

Take A Look at The Quality of the Rims:

The rim in most wheels will definitely bear the name or company logo. Any time that you’re buying wheels, you need to check the rim and figure out the logo on it, then determine whether it is legitimate.

Once you see the logo, you need to closely verify it from the list that you created earlier. You can always tell an original logo from a fake one. The fake will definitely have something missing. If it similar to what you saw earlier, then the wheels are definitely alloy.

Checking Out the Wheel Cap:

The wheel cap is the part of the wheel which covers the hub at a certain position where it comes through the center location of the wheel. The logo and the company’s name will always be seen on the center cap. There are some that will lack the presence of a center cap. As a result, it will be difficult for you to determine the manufacturer.

If you encounter such wheels and you are not sure about them, it is better to leave than to purchase them and regret later. You must never take any chances. Similar to rims, once you see the logo, you can make use of the knowledge you have from research to determine whether they are actually fake or real.

There are cases when the logo and company name can be found on the back of wheel. All you need to do is turn the wheel over and simply check the back. Most of the companies will put their logo over there. The company name, date of manufacturer, type and wheel size will be mentioned as well. This will help you determine the alloy 4X4 wheels that you are looking for.